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Rates Rise Despite Fall in Value of Apartments with Flammable Cladding

Breaking News – CertMark Suspension Lifted

Cladding with Clint Gavin from Network Architectural

Clint Gavin from Network Architectural explains the differences between the Mitsubushi-made ALPOLIC® Non-Combustible Cladding and other ‘Inferior’ Cladding…

Legal: ‘The Allegation is that the Nuisance Lies in the Prospectively Dangerous Nature of Combustible Cladding’

Fire Behaviour of Facade Equipped with Aluminium Composite Material‐Based Claddings‐Model Validation at Large Scale

Fire Performance of the Thermo Insulant Facade Systems of the Buildings

NSW Government Response to Combustible Cladding Crisis

Vitracore™ G2: The Safe Cladding Option for Type A, B and C Buildings

Cladding Taskforce Co-chair Tempers Fears over Flammable Cladding at Kardinia Park

Counterfeit Flammable Cladding – said to be imported from China, with stickers attached falsely declaring it to be fire resistant – was found in Victoria just last month

Breakthrough Spectrometer Technology Identifies ‘Safe’ Cladding

Roscon is a specialist provider of property reporting and facilities management services to business in the Owners Corporation and Insurance industries
As expert consultants, Roscon can devise a solution to address any non-compliant claddings. These solutions may be far more cost effective than replacing the entire building facade.

Australian Essential Services Group are independent auditors and fire safety specialists operating nationwide
AESG’s Combustible Cladding reports assist owners in establishing the risk profile and coverage of combustible materials, as well as providing guidance and recommendations to de-risk their building. AESG offer a range of reports to assist with insurance enquires, Council or VBA  Notices/Orders and pro-active investigations.

Cladding Compliance Australia | Combustible Cladding Solutions‎
Combustible Cladding Inspection, Testing and Rectification. QLD & NSW Cladding Checklists. Members of the Fire Protection Association Australia. 30+ Years Of Experience. Request A Quote. Highlights: Providing Customer Services, One Stop Option.

Step-by-Step Guide For Evaluating the Combustibility Risk of Cladding

Australian NATA Testing Laboratory Offers Cladding Identification and Testing Services (to determine Combustibility Risk Profile)

This Newsletter is brought to you by ExcelPlas Labs 🔬 Australia’s Largest group of Polymer Building Materials Testing Labs.

Melbourne Testing Lab for Testing of Architectural Cladding Materials and Combustibility Risk
ExcelPlas now performs Positive Material Identification (PMI) and Combustibility Rating (CR) on architectural cladding such as Aluminium Composite Materials ACM, Aluminium Composite Panels ACP, Expanded Polystyrene Panels EPS, Polyisocyanuarate Foam Panels PIC and others.
We have extensive experience with testing of polymers and polymeric building materials.
As a Nationally Accredited Testing Laboratory, our technicians, equipment and quality system are monitored regularly for proficiency and compliance assuring that you can count on quality results every time.

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