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Lacrosse Ruling Could Worsen PI ‘Crisis’ (Breaking News)

VBA Provides Update on Victorian Statewide Cladding Audit  (Breaking News)

Consultants Beware – You Might be Liable for Combustible Cladding Following the Lacrosse Tower Judgment  (Breaking News)

Australian National Testing Laboratory Now Offering 24 hrs Testing Service for Testing and Assessing Combustible Cladding
Combustible Cladding Testing Laboratory – Approved by Insurance Council of Australia) & NATA Accredited
Rapid and Reliable Results – Contact:

Chubb Risk Consultant Darren Cant – Insurers Perspective On Combustible Cladding

Combustible Cladding Information from SSKB Strata Managers

CertMark Issues Further Statement on ‘Non-Compliant’ Cladding (Breaking News)

Ultrabond FR Touted as Fire Resistant Aluminium Composite Panel Despite CodeMark Certificate Withdrawl

Certifiers Cry Foul Over Flammable ACP Insurance Exclusion – Commentary by Andy McCourt

Mills Oakley Lawyers – Combustible Cladding and Building Reform Update

Who is Responsible When Wall Cladding Catches Fire? The Lacrosse Apartments Decision Explained

Geoff Talks the Cladding Case: Lacrosse Owners Win $5.7 million

Building Quality Fiasco: The Fallout Rumbles into Dangerous Zones as Governments Fail to Govern

BREAKING NEWS – Australian behemoth Lendlease has been caught up in a kind of vigilante fury in Manchester and has ended up agreeing to pay part of a bill of around $9 million to help replace Grenfell-style cladding on two buildings it used to own – but did not design or build – after local government councillors threatened it with the loss of a lucrative government contract in the city.

Cladding and Cracking Towers Prompt Call for Royal Commission

Sparke Helmore Lawyers – Combustible Cladding—Is It Viable?

Lendlease Foots Share of $9.3m Bill to Fix Cladding on British Apartment Blocks

The Court Frees Builder of the Blame For Lacrosse Tower Cladding Fire

Replacing Grenfell Style Cladding Could Take Another Five Years

Cladding Compliance Australia Announces Combustible Cladding Solutions (Ad)
Combustible Cladding Inspection, Testing and Rectification. QLD & NSW Cladding Checklists 
Members of the Fire Protection Association Australia, 30+ Years Of Experience. Providing Customer Services, One Stop Option.  (02) 9428 5559

EXCELPLAS takes just 2-3 business days from consultation to handing over your final CLADDING report.
Highly qualified and experienced team of PhD chemists, material scientists and failure analysis consultants.
EXCELPLAS has sampled and analysed hundreds of ACP cladding samples for strata managers and for major public buildings including apartments, hospitals, hotels and universities.
EXCELPLAS is a highly preferred ACP CLADDING testing provider for the Victorian State Governments, NSW Government and the West Australian Government.
Because EXCELPLAS extract the cladding sample, control the chain of custody, undertake the chemical analysis and write the report you can be sure that the results are correct, accurate and reliable.
EXCELPLAS were awarded commercial provider status approved by the Insurance Council of Australia to analyse and report on combustible cladding. 
As preferred suppliers to State Government you can feel confident in the quality and thoroughness of the test reports.

Roscon is a specialist provider of property reporting and facilities management services to business in the Owners Corporation and Insurance industries
As expert consultants, Roscon can devise a solution to address any non-compliant claddings. These solutions may be far more cost effective than replacing the entire building facade.

Step-by-Step Guide For Evaluating the Combustibility Risk of Cladding

Australian NATA Testing Laboratory Offers Cladding Identification and Testing Services (to determine Combustibility Risk Profile)

This Newsletter is brought to you by ExcelPlas Labs 🔬 Australia’s Largest group of Polymer Building Materials Testing Labs.

Melbourne Testing Lab for Testing of Architectural Cladding Materials and Combustibility Risk
ExcelPlas now performs Positive Material Identification (PMI) and Combustibility Rating (CR) on architectural cladding such as Aluminium Composite Materials ACM, Aluminium Composite Panels ACP, Expanded Polystyrene Panels EPS, Polyisocyanuarate Foam Panels PIC and others.
We have extensive experience with testing of polymers and polymeric building materials.
As a Nationally Accredited Testing Laboratory, our technicians, equipment and quality system are monitored regularly for proficiency and compliance assuring that you can count on quality results every time.

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