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ACT Govt. Announces Details of Concessional Loans for Eligible Owners Corporations to Access Low Interest Loans to Remediate Combustible Cladding
The loan can be up to $15 million per owners corporation

VBA Announces Prohibition on High-Risk Cladding Products

VBA Issues Possible Scenarios for Addressing Combustible Cladding on a Building which include:
• complete replacement of combustible cladding with a suitable product
• partial replacement of combustible cladding around specific high-risk areas, such as balconies and exits
• other approved measures to prevent the spread of fire and ensure safe exit from the building, for example installing or upgrading sprinkler systems and removing ignition sources.

Insulation Firm Had Research Showing Product Used on Grenfell Released Toxic Smoke 18 Months Before Fire
The company that sold the combustible insulation used on Grenfell Tower had research which demonstrated that it produced acidic, toxic smoke when burned, 18 months before the blaze.
Celotex RS5000 was the primary insulation material used in the cladding system on Grenfell Tower. It is made from a plastic called polyisocyanurate, which has been found to release choking smoke when burned, including cyanide and carbon monoxide.


Hansen Yuncken Appointed to Oversee Removal of Flammable Cladding on Hobert’s Forestry Building

New Non-Combustible Cladding Dekton® Used to Replace Old Combustible Cladding on Major Eagle St Building in Brisbane

Certified Australian Laboratory Leads the Way in the Identification of Combustible Cladding

Urgent Call to Action! – End Our Cladding Scandal

NAFI Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator and Instructor and Disaster Recovery Consultant
Engineering Failure Analysis Fire and Explosion Investigations

Multi-Occupancy Residential Buildings: Commission Transparency with Combustible Cladding

The Courts’ Robust Approach to Cladding-Defect Claims Continues

Collateral Warranty Claim in the Latest Cladding Decision from the Technology and Construction Court

Woman ‘Trapped’ in Flat with Same Fire-Risk Cladding as Grenfell Tower Forced to Pay Up to £30,000 for Removal


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