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Adelaide CBD Map of 195 Buildings With Potential Flammable Cladding (Breaking News)
Checks Start on Buildings with Potentially Flammable Cladding

Fire Safe Cladding – Building a Culture of Compliance (Free Whitepaper)

New ARUP Technical Report on High Rise Buildings with Combustible Exterior Wall Assemblies: Fire Risk Assessment Tool

Step-by-Step Guide For Evaluating the Combustibility Risk of Cladding (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Do Your Due Diligence: Unit Owners Warned About Cladding

Assessing Fire Risk in High-Rises with Combustible Cladding

Cladding at Grenfell Tower and other housing blocks never tested

‘Approved’ Replacement Cladding Fails Fire Test

Australian NATA Testing Laboratory Offers Cladding Identification and Testing Services (to determine Combustibility Risk Profile)

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Melbourne Testing Lab for Testing of Architectural Cladding Materials and Combustibility Risk
ExcelPlas now performs Positive Material Identification (PMI) and Combustibility Rating (CR) on architectural cladding such as Aluminium Composite Materials ACM, Aluminium Composite Panels ACP, Expanded Polystyrene Panels EPS, Polyisocyanuarate Foam Panels PIC and others.
We have extensive experience with testing of polymers and polymeric building materials.
As a Nationally Accredited Testing Laboratory, our technicians, equipment and quality system are monitored regularly for proficiency and compliance assuring that you can count on quality results every time.

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